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Naturally perfect

Nature knows the answer to every question. It knows what beauty and strength is and we have decided to take advantage of it. We turn to tradition and carefully watch modern achievements so as to create excellent cosmetics drawing on the nature's secrets.

Our products contain natural and organic oils and butters, independently prepared plant extracts and essential oils. We look for components on both Polish meadows and in the farthest corners of the world.
Organic shea butter, an important ingredient of our products, comes from Africa. We import the best lavender oil from Bulgaria. Rosehip oil which we use, comes from the best cultivation of roses in the world, located in Chile. Aromatic sandalwood and patchouli are shipped from India. And we find linseed oil and hemp oil in our Polish ecological mills. is characterized by carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality.

What is important for us?

The answer to your needs. We want to create natural cosmetics to meet the needs of each of us. We are looking for effective solutions for sensitive, allergic and problematic complexion. We want to nurture your skin without doing it harm, strengthen it, protect it, and above all nourish it.

Ecology. Our cosmetics are natural, organic and environmentally friendly. We use plants grown without chemicals and sprays. We do not test on animals. Production ethics is important to us.

Safety. cosmetics contain only ingredients approved by COSMOS / Ecocert. Each product has undergone the appropriate tests and is registered in the EU Cosmetic Products Notification Portal. They are free of harmful additives, artificial aromas and colors.

Why do they smell beautifully?

Unique smell of our products is a result of the use of natural essential oils. We use their remarkable properties: moisturizing, regenerating, anti-bacterial, firming or soothing. Knowledge of aromatherapy allows us to strengthen the effect of our cosmetics.

Where and how do we do it?

Cosmetics Manufacture is located in Kłaj, Poland. Here we create our recipes and designs of new cosmetics. Here on our own, we macerate herbs, prepare extracts, mix oil, choose the best components from which we create our cosmetics. Last but not least, here we pack them for you in beautiful glass containers. Therefore, we control every step in the production of our products.

Who am I?

I am IOSSI's founder and I must say that I just like making cosmetics. From the very first time when I mixed a few basic ingredients and added an essential oil - I knew that I wanted to do it again and again. While creating recipes I have fun and I experiment, but at the same time, this work is a continuous process of learning. Biochemical news, latest discoveries, cosmetics and the entire treasury of nature - millions of plants, each of which is worth knowing. I can discover their new applications until the end of my life. I am happy doing things for others, looking for solutions that will help, please, give pleasure to my clients. It is like cooking for friends, which I once loved - now I make cosmetics for my friends.
There would be no without helpful people I met on my way, who passed their knowledge and skills on me. Thank you for your inspiration and support.

IOSSI. You are perfect by nature. 



You about us 

Magda bought Illuminating serum with rosehip, rose geranium, cypress, and vitamins E and C
“Like any Iossi cosmetic ... it is just great. I found it surfing on the Internet for something that could work just as Flavo C, but it would be eco and would not be sticky. And I've found it - it is even better. My skin really heals ... my capillaries are less visible, and so are discolorations. At night, I use serum for acne and problematic skin - with yarrow and tamanu, and I do not know which of these cosmetics worked wonders, but I don't have any blackheads!!!! Really - for the first time, my skin, especially around my mouth where I tended to have closed blackheads, is just pure! It's supposed to be like that .... but never was. Thank you for these cosmetics! I won't ever change them!”

Zo S. about Serum for problematic skin “I use serum for problematic skin and I'm thrilled! I recommend it to all "problematic ladies" who suffer from acne and I couldn't be more positive about it! What's more, the serum has a beautiful golden color and thus gives a very nice tone to the skin and if that wasn't enough, it is wonderfully suited for acne skin which suffers through all our treatments that overdry it! I definitely recommend it and I will come back to this store :)))”

Kasia uses NAFFI cream
“My cream. I use it with passion, it works so well on my skin which has specific needs, it is 40 years old, sensitive and is shallow-vascularized. I definitely recommend it, it is ideal under make-up.”

Joanna N.
“Sensational Flower Power Body Butter
I'm writing a review after a month of using it, because I believe that first impressions are sometimes deceptive. Not in this case. The butter is sensationally well-absorbable, the skin takes on a nice tone, is nourished and smooth also the next day. A strongly addictive product. I highly recommend it!!”

Ela likes our scrub
"Fragrance, fragrance and consistency! :)
At first, you're delighted by its fragrance. Then I wondered if a scrub which has less oil than others will be good. I thought that I could always add some myself, but I also thought that if it was the manufacturer's intention to be so, perhaps it made sense. And it turned out that it DOES make sense, because the scrub in this form is like a paste, is much more effective, does not melt straight away, but genuinely massages the skin really well, so I won't fiddle with it by myself. I am delighted. :) And I still have the second scrub to use. Another hit!"

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